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Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital has been serving Snohomish and the surrounding area since 1963 and is now one of the largest multi-species veterinary practices in the United States. Pilchuck has 23 doctors, and an extensive support staff that provides 24-hour emergency and critical care for large and small animals, offering extensive resources to the veterinary community of the Pacific Northwest.

Wellness Care

Preventive veterinary care is the cornerstone of keeping your pet their healthiest so that you and your pet can have more great years together. Since pets age more quickly than people do, it is critical to have regular physical examinations every 6-12 months to assess your pet’s health. Learn More.


In our dedicated dentistry suite, your pet will benefit from improved oral health while under the care and monitoring of our highly trained health care team, digital dental radiographs, and state-of-the-art anesthesia and monitoring. Read on for more information. 


With 3 sterile surgery suites, state-of-the-art anesthesia, and monitoring capabilities, our veterinarians and technical staff are equipped to provide a broad range of surgical services, even in our more critical and geriatric patients.


Modern anesthesia drugs and monitoring have decreased the risk of anesthesia in our patients, including elderly or ill patients.  Our trained health care team uses state of the art equipment and medications to help your pet make it safely through an anesthesia episode.  One team member is dedicated to monitoring the patient and anesthesia equipment during each anesthesia procedure.

Hospitalization/Intensive Care

For patients who need to be monitored or receive fluids and medications or for more critical patients who need oxygen or respiratory support, our Intensive Care Unit is staffed by veterinarians and technicians 24 hours a day so that your pet is never left alone.

Integrative Medicine

We are able to utilize principles of Western and Eastern Medicine, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation to provide your pet the best in complementary care.

Canine and Feline Blood Bank

With the cooperation of specially screened dogs and cats (belonging to our own staff and clients), we are able to collect and store a variety of blood products, ensuring that these products are available if your pet needs them.  Contact us for more information on having your pet become a blood donor volunteer! Read more about our blood bank program.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital X-ray Ultrasound technologies are available at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital when your pet needs imaging resources.  Additionally we work closely with radiology specialists to provide rapid, precise information when diagnosing and treating your pet.

Laboratory Services

Our on-site laboratory is equipped with reference laboratory grade diagnostic equipment, a specially trained laboratory staff, and our own Pathology specialist to provide rapid and accurate laboratory results for your pet.

In-House Pharmacy

For your convenience, our pharmacy can provide many of the medications that your pet may need.  We are also able to make special orders or work with outside pharmacies to provide your pet with good quality affordable medications.

Nutritional Counseling

Stages of life, activities, and health issues can all benefit from appropriate nutrition. Let us help you formulate the ideal nutritional program for your pet.

Geriatric Care

Our aging dogs and cats have many of the same special needs as aging people. Our health care teams can work with you to make your pet’s geriatric years golden! Read on to learn more.

Medical Boarding

Some pets with medical needs may not be able to board at regular kennel facilities.  In those cases where your pet needs extra medical attention and expertise while boarding, we can help!  With our 24-hour trained medical staff, your pet will be monitored closely and receive appropriate treatments during their stay.


Pre-breeding exams, laboratory testing, semen collection and artificial insemination for dogs are available at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital. If you chose to breed your pet, our trained staff can help you make proper choices on wellness and pregnancy issues.

End-of-Life Support

Electing to have your pet euthanized is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner ever has to make.  We can help guide and support you in your decision and we strive to make the experience as pleasant and as meaningful as possible for you and your pet.

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