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Pilchuck offers both externship and internship programs for veterinary students and graduates

If you have questions or would like to apply for an internship/externship at our hospital, please contact:

Dr. Brandon King, brandon.king@pathwayvets.com.

Equine Externship

Equine externships lasting two to three weeks are available to students who have completed two years of veterinary school. Externships are designed to provide hands-on experience in large animal medicine and surgery to students interested in pursuing an internship after graduation, and those seeking experience in a private practice setting.

Applications for externships are accepted year-round. Summer months fill up fastest. 

Equine Internship

Each year, we accept two DVM graduates for year-long equine internships. As part of the hospital team, interns gain valuable experience at a state of the art equine care, preparing them to enter private practice or a residency program. Through hands-on experience, interns gain confidence with diagnostic and therapeutic techniques essential to the equine practitioner and share in a learning environment where we all benefit from each other’s expertise to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. 

For more information on both programs please visit the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) web site www.aaep.org, and under Students/Avenues.  Here you will find up-to-date information about our internship and externship opportunities.

Internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please send an updated resume, cover letter, and references/letters of recommendation to brandon.king@pathwayvets.com for consideration.

Equine Internship Alumni

Rachel Hilliard
Zoe Crowder

Stephanie Hernandez
Marissa Snelling

Emily Fray
Mandy Murdock
Sarah Shane

Kathleen Brandes
Brianne Hagerty
Ashley Slaviero

Kristin Frank
Emily Wahl
Rachael Lencioni

Daphne Johnson, Oregon State University
Greg Thompson, University of Wisconsin in Madison
Erica Wolford, Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan

Ashley Galen, Oregon State University
Jessie Hennessey, Michigan State University
Julia Miller, University of Pennsylvania

Kari Searcy, University of Minnesota
Jessica Trichel, Louisiana State University
Liana Wiegel, University of Wisconsin

Alexandra Abramson, University of Florida
Ragan Garrett, Oregon State University
Crystal Williams, University of California at Davis

Sarah Burke, University of Florida
Leann Sargeant, Kansas State University

Bri Harris, Cornell University
Amanda Sherck, Kansas State University
Abbie Lusardi, University of Prince Edward Island

Kelly Taylor, Washington State University
Marci Hall, Tufts University
Jerica Rasmussen, Colorado State University

Chelsie Hollan, Washington State University
Kathleen Paulson, Washington State University
Jennifer Stonewater, University of California at Davis

Katie Moore, Colorado State University
Brooke Johnson, Cornell University
Stephanie Meyer, Texas A & M University

Dominic Dawson, University of California at Davis
Diana Rawstrom, University of Pennsylvania
Sara Clark, University of Virginia

Clint McKnight, Ross University
Tanya Bork, Kansas State University
Jamie Boulter, University of Minnesota

Dorothy Bailey, University of Virginia
Jennifer Miller, Kansas State University

Wendy Harless Mollat, Oregon State University
Kari DeLeeuw, University of California at Davis

Tina Lusard, University of California at Davis

Small Animal Externships and Preceptors from Washington State University

For more information about the program for small animal externs and preceptors from Washington State University, please contact Brandon King, brandon.king@pathwayvets.com.

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital also provides Small Animal Technician/Assistant programs and works in partnership with the Sno-Isle Vocational Tech Skills Center.

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